J.P. Vrolyk

jp@vrolyk.org, 757-642-3359

Seeking a senior software development position in northern Virginia

Key Points:

Work Experience:

Microsoft [Reston, Virginia], Software Engineer, April 2019 - present

C# software development for a managed implementation of Redis caching on Azure cloud infrastructure. Highlights:

United States Army Reserve, Network Engineer, October 2018 - present

ASM Research [Fairfax, Virginia], Software Engineer, August 2018 - April 2019

Software developer working with a top cloud provider.

United States Army, February 2005 - September 2018

Microsoft [Redmond, Washington], Software Engineer - Test, May 2003 - January 2005

C# & VB development of samples and test cases for a network communications API; design and develop test automation tools and libraries

OC Systems [Fairfax, Virginia], Software Engineer, May 1999 - December 2002

C, C++ & Java development: instrumentation and debugging tools for compiled code on Solaris, Windows, AIX, & Linux; same for Java byte code; developing cross-platform Java GUI for the above; using device-driver technology for real-time interception and instrumentation of applications; XML creation and parsing for data storage and analysis

Caravelle [Nepean, Ontario, Canada], Software Developer, January 1996 - September 1998

C++ & Java development of network management software; creating web-based front-end via Java & HTML for same; designed & implemented an SNMP class library and a custom scripting language & interpreter; Perl CGI script development; technical research/evaluation; competitive analyses